Office Insurance

Office insurance is essential for any professional business firm. Conducting business without insurance is taking a huge risk that could lead to ruin with one severe storm. When shopping for insurance, consider all the specific needs for coverage your office may have so you can get the best policy at a reasonable rate.

Facility and grounds.

The building along with any outer structures, such as a parking area or storage, should be covered in the policy. Damage to these areas could come from natural disasters like weather, acts of terrorism, or possible injuries due to a fall, for example, by employees or visitors.

The building should be protected against vandalism or criminal activity such as breaking and entering. Negligent acts, such as failure to secure entries and windows, may also be considered. Structural elements like heating equipment, electrical lines, and plumbing should be included in the coverage, along with security equipment and other amenities that are currently in use.


The people who work for the business may be covered as part of a general company policy or they may be part of a separate policy, such as health care, disability, retirement, or related issues. If covered by the company policy overall, their safety would be a primary consideration, along with their rights as employees. Various policies can be reviewed to determine which has the best fit for workers at a particular organization.


A company's furniture, d├ęcor, and fixtures should be covered as part of the plan. Damage due to water leakage, fire, or criminal activity may be included in a policy. If they were to suffer damage, the cost of replacement should be factored into the desired coverage with an added consideration for inflation or installation. Carpets, draperies, window blinds, and light fixtures should be considered as part of the plan.


Another type of coverage that may be useful is to protect against clients bringing suit against the company. This could happen if someone is dissatisfied with service received or believes wrongdoing has occurred. Although mediation or arbitration may resolve many issues of this type, occasionally a dispute may be taken to court, and that is when a policy will be very helpful in covering litigation expenses.

Obtaining suitable protection for a business enterprise should be part of an operating budget and operational policy. Although the types of coverage may vary depending on each company's needs, having a policy in place is a safeguard against unexpected losses and hazards.